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BTST and STBT tips for traders in Nse Share Market in India

BTST / STBT is for the Traders who want to always go home with a position open and want to reap benefits from next day's opening in stock market.

Intraday Tips provides Accurate BTST stock tips for NSE Share Market Generally we send this Btst ( Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) call between 2.30 p.m. To 3.30 p.m. in f&o segment. You can also buy in cash segment, because same stock will be available in cash segment, you just have to adjust the rates, most important the qty should not more then 1 lot. Intradaytips com offer's BTST NSE Tips Free Trial for Intraday Traders in f&o segment and do complete Follow-up for our accurate BTST Calls till our Call is open.

BTST-STBT Calls in nse market

What is our BTST Call

BTST is short form for Buy Today Sell Tomorrow. In this Traders take positions i.e buy or sells in f&o segment and square off his positions next trading day. Intraday Tips provides BTST and STBT tips with 80% to 90% accuracy Small traders should avoid trading BTST calls or trade in small in qty in cash segment. We normally give this call as per the market trend or sometimes when our team predicts reversal of market trend at some level. Our nse stock market is fully depend upon our Indian Market as well as Global market. Any major movement in this both Indian or global market can sometimes effect heavily where he can suffer huge loss. To Avoid huge risk, normally 80% to 90% we at Intradaytips com give exit on same day instead of next trading session. We sometime carry forward this btst call next day or next trading session, only if our technical team is 100% sure that stock will reach the target in next trading session. Generally we give this call before one hour or one and half hour before nse market close. Some time our BTST call hit the target even in five to ten minutes.

We have only one plan/ one package and this BTST call is part of that package. We don't Charge Extra for BTST / STBT Call.

2 Days Free trial of BTST / STBT Calls

How To Trade in BTST Call and STBT Call

Generally we give, STBT call in bearish trend (Mandi - when share market is going down ) and in F&o segment but in Stbt call traders can't trade in cash segment, because if you short sell in cash segment you have to square up your position before closing the nse share market.

Intraday tips com give btst (buy today sell tomorrow) call before closing the share market ( between 2.30 p.m. To 3.30 p.m.) In f&o segment. You can also buy in cash segment, because same stock will be available in cash segment also, you just have to adjust the rates, most important the qty should not more then 1 lot.

Generally we give exit call for Btst ( Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) Call on same day before 3.30 p.m. (closing the share market), if we are sure that the stock will also move up tomorrow then we suggest you to hold & sell tomorrow.

Same way If the share market is going down we give STBT (sell today buy tomorrow). We do not send exit call in this Btst call( Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) and STBT call to free trial members only paid members will get the exit call for Btst and Stbt Calls. Members are requested not call us and ask what to do in Btst ( Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) Call because we give both entry sms and exit sms. We give complete follow up till the position is open.

Benefits of Trading in our BTST Call.

  • We Specify Qty, Price, Target and Stop Loss.
  • Complete Follow-up to Paid Members.
  • 80 to 90% Same Day Exit or Exit Before 10.30 am in Next Trading Session.
  • We provide only one BTST/STBT Call with strict stop loss.
  • We give BTST call between 02.30 to 03.30 pm.
  • We use premium Sms Service to Send BTST/STBT call.
  • We don’t say BUY ABOVE OR SELL BELOW, We tell to BUY/SELL at Prevailing Price.
  • Our Accuracy Ratio for this call is around 80% to 90%.
  • We display Performance of BTST/STBT call in our Past Performance Report at the end of the Market day.
  • If you are Small Trader You can trade in Cash Segment in Small qty and Exit when are making Small Profits.



We give BTST trend if market is bullish and if market is in bearish trend we give STBT call which means Sell Today Buy Tomorrow. Intraday traders can also short sell position also know as STBT for next trading session in cash segment. Intraday Trader has to trade STBT call compulsory in f&o segment.

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Sample View of BTST CALL

BTST CALL for Share Traders

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